We buy and import horses

The horses on our site that is located in the US are all owned by Equro Equestrian LLC. They have gone through an extensive vet check and are all in full training and being campaigned by top trainers and riders in the US.

Our horses for sale in Europe

The horses on our site that are located in Europe are not owned by Equro Equestrian LLC. We act as the US agent for the sellers of the horses. We only offer what we believe to be top notch horses for their respective sports. 

The prices reflected on our site is the estimated total of the horse imported to the US and through quarantine in the US. 

We do not want to mislead our clients with a 'low' € price advertising, leaving our clients to guess their import cost and conversion rate.

You as the buyer will get the invoices from the seller of the horse for the cost of the horse, import agent and quarantine agent directly so that you know that there are no hidden charges and that we have not up charged these costs. In most cases the prices reflected on our site are higher than the actual cost for you as the buyer.

We facilitate all of the import details for you. You do not pay us for this service. We get paid our commission directly from the seller and our commission is already included in our advertised price of the horse and the bill of sale that you will receive from the seller.

Some of the horses already have vetting and X-Rays on file, we will happily provide these to you and/or your vet at no additional cost. It is noted in the ad if the horse has X-Rays on file. Your only additional costs incurred would be:

  • Travel expenses to see the horse (we encourage you to do so)
  • Additional Pre Purchase Exam with the vet of your choice.
  • Any unforeseen vet expenses while in quarantine
  • Any additional quarantine expenses if the horse does not get released after the standard quarantine period
  • Shipping costs from the quarantine to your barn
  • Any commissions to your trainer and/or agent.

Buying trips to Europe

If you find a horse on our site that you would like to schedule a trip to go see we will organize the trip for you. 

If you don't see anything on our site that ticks your boxes please give us a call and we will find your dream horse for you and schedule your trip to Europe, where we will show you horses that we believe to be what you are looking for.

How does a buying trip to Europe work

  • You tell us what exactly you are looking for. We will need a minimum of 2 weeks notice to be able to scout out enough horses for you to try out.
  • You book a flight to the airport of your choice. You will need to cover the expense of the flight.
  • We can pick you up at the airport on your arrival or you can chose to get a rental car.
  • We will be happy to give you recommendations for a hotel. 
  • We will bring you around Europe to try horses. You can expect to try 8-12 horses that fits what you are looking for during a 3-5 day trip. In our experience we have found that a larger number than this confuses the buyer. We charge a nominal fee per day for this service, if you end up buying a horse through us, that fee will be refunded to you.
  • We can drop you off at the airport for your departure back home to the US
  • We will arrange a pre purchase exam with the veterinarian of your choice. 
  • If you purchase a horse through us we will be present at the pre purchase exam and send you videos of the clinical part.
  • We will arrange all the details for your horse needed in terms of shipping and importation from the barn in Europe to your chosen port of entry in the US.
  • We will arrange transportation from your chosen port of entry into the US to your barn if you wish.

The following items are your responsibility

  • You will need to provide insurance for the horse that covers the transportation in Europe, the flight, quarantine and the transportation to your barn in the US. Most insurance companies offer this coverage. We will be happy to provide you with contact information for these insurance companies at your request.
  • Once the horse has arrived in the US any additional cost in quarantine and communication with the quarantine will be your responsibility. This is for the simple reason that if anything out of the ordinary happens with your horse in the quarantine you are ultimately the decision maker as to what should be done with your horse. However, feel confident that the import agent in the quarantine will keep you informed as to the horse arrival and well being during the quarantine stay.
  • Shipping costs and arrangement from the quarantine to your barn. We will be happy to arrange this for you, however any cost associated with the transport is your cost.
  • Cost for any equipment that you decide should follow your horse on the trip. 
  • Food and entertainment for yourself during your trip.
  • Flight, hotel and rental car expenses.
  • Any commission to your trainer and/or agent.