The price reflected on our site is the estimated total of the horse imported to the US and through quarantine in the US.    

We do not want to mislead our clients with a 'low' € price advertising, leaving our clients to guess their import cost and conversion rate.   

- You as the buyer will get the invoices from the seller of the horse for the cost of the horse, import agent and quarantine agent directly so that you know that we have not up charged these costs. In most cases the asking prices reflected on our site are higher than the actual cost for you as the buyer.   

We facilitate all of the import details for you. You do not pay us for this service. We get paid our commission directly from the seller and our commission is already included in our advertised price of the horse and the bill of sale that you will receive from the seller.  

You can choose to facilitate all the import details by yourself if you wish. In this case we will provide you with the € of the horse directly from the seller. The base price of the horse in € does not change if you choose to go this route. 

The estimated price of the horse is based on 1/3 stall for the flight, if you would want your horse to have a bigger stall on the flight there will be additional costs.   

Your additional costs incurred would be: 

Travel expenses to see the horse (we encourage you to do so) 

Additional Pre Purchase Exam with the vet of your choice. 

Any unforeseen vet expenses while in quarantine. 

Any additional quarantine expenses if the horse does not get released after the standard quarantine period.

Shipping costs from the quarantine to your barn. 

Commission to your trainer and/or agent.